Liszt?s Musical Modernism and the Hungarian-Gypsy Tradition. Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, December, 2011. Winner of the Alan Walker Book Award.


Articles and Book Chapters?

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Pending submission:

?Cs?rd?s macabre: Liszt?s Transcultural Sonata?


Planned Articles, based on recent papers:

?Auto-Exoticism? The Hungarian Response to Viennese Style Hongrois?

?1838: Liszt?s Schubert and the Arrival of the Heroic Hungarian Masterwork.?

?Between Budapest and Vienna: Liszt?s and Brahms?s Style Hongrois.?

Conference Papers


Forthcoming this year:

?Schenkerian analysis and the transcultural harmony of Hungarian verbunkos?, Joint Meeting of the AAWM 2014 and BFE 2014, SOAS, London (1?4 July, 2014); part of a Society for Music Analysis panel entitled ?Traversing Disciplinary and Geographic Continuums? (chair: Shay Loya).

?1838: Liszt?s Schubert and the Arrival of the Heroic Hungarian Masterwork?, The 18th Biennial International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, University of Toronto, Canada (18?21 June, 2014). [Travel Grant from City University London awarded 27/02/2014]

?Liszt?s Transcultural Composition in the Year of the Franco-Prussian War?, Third Sibelius Academy Symposium on Music History (Confronting the National in the Musical Past), Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland (May 21?23, 2014).

Past Papers:

?Liszt?s Verbunkos Legacy and the Paradoxes of Progressive Hungarian Music?, Liszt?s Legacies Symposium in Ottawa (28?31 July, 2011). [Invited speaker]

?Auto-exoticism? The Hungarian Response to Viennese Style Hongrois?, AMS/SMT Conference in Indianapolis (4?7 November, 2010); Research Seminar Series at the Centre for Music Studies, City University London (expanded version, 15 May, 2013)

?A Hungarian Sonata? Liszt?s Cs?rd?s macabre?, SMA ?Formenlehere? Symposium, Durham (24 September, 2010).

?Nineteenth-Century Folklorism and Lajtha?s Radical Verbunkos Transcriptions?, 16th Biennial Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music in Southampton University (8?11 July 2010); and RMA Annual Conference [?Boundaries?] in the IMR London (15?17 July, 2010).

?Listening to Transcultural Tonality?, Tonality in Perspective, King?s College London (27?29 March, 2008) and Colloquium at the University of Durham (18th November, 2008).

?Paradoxes of Liszt?s Verbunkos Idiom?, 18th International Congress of the IMS, University of Zurich (10?15 July 2007).

?The Impact of the Verbunkos Idiom on Liszt?s Tonal Practices?, 14th International Conference on 19th-Century Music, University of Manchester (July 2006).

?Liszt?s style hongrois between politics and analysis: Issues of transcultural music and postcolonial critique?, 13th International Conference on 19th-Century Music, University of Durham (6?10 July 2004).